Exec Board

  1. Exec Eric Zheng

    Eric (Math '24) is the president of CMU Poker Club. He enjoys playing poker tournaments and solving math problems.

  2. Exec Shiva Oswal

    Shiva (CS '26) is the director of education at poker club. He enjoys the analytical side of poker, and is interested in the burgeoning field of poker AI.

  3. Exec Mason Stark

    Mason (ECE '25) has been an active figure in CMU poker club since his freshman year, helping to facilitate and run club events. Outside of poker, he loves Hip Hop, skiing, mountain biking, and coding.

  4. Exec Daniel Thinfen

    Daniel (CS '26) helps with the day to day operations of poker club. Outside of poker, he enjoys skiing, golfing, and ultimate frisbee.

  5. Exec Ethan Taylor

    Ethan (Business '24) helps improve the social aspect of poker club. He is also involved with the Undergraduate Consulting Club.

  6. Exec Jeffery Guo

    Jeffery (Econ '27) has been instrumental in introducing poker to underclassmen at CMU.

  7. Exec Allen Yang

    Allen (Math & CS '27) is a poker enthusiast who won our 2023 Heads Up Tournament. Outside of poker club, he is involved with CMU's premier math contest: CMIMC.