Poker at Carnegie Mellon University

About the Club

The CMU Poker Club strives to be a hub for the poker community at Carnegie Mellon University to meet, learn, and play.

We aim to engage all manner of poker players with a wide array of events that include everything from charity tournaments and interactive workshops to guest speakers and networking opportunities.

Outside of CMU, we seek to build lasting connections with trading firms and other companies that are interested in students with the strategic and analytical skills developed through poker.


Our Events

General Body Meetings

Poker Club runs GBMs approximately once every two weeks. GBMs are a casual opportunity for club members to meet, eat pizza and drink boba, and of course play some poker! Everyone is welcome, regardless of poker skill level! Sometimes we also run educational sessions to teach poker strategy at our GBMs.


Poker Club runs multiple poker tournaments every year. These tournaments usually have a buyin ranging from $20 to $50, and the top finishers get a share of the prizepool. We also run sponsored tournaments, which are free to enter and have prizes! We also occasionally invite poker pros as guest speakers to our tournaments.

2024 SIG Tournament: 6 tables remain!

SIG Tournament

Frequently Asked Questions

  • We usually meet on the weekends, with some sort of event every other week or so.

  • We run all sorts of poker-related events, such as tournaments, games, workshops, guest lectures, sponsored events/networking, and more!

  • No. The vast majority of our events are free, including weekly meetings, workshops, and some tournaments. Some of our tournaments do have a buyin, and some club members run cash games both in private and at meetings. It is up to you!

  • Not at all! We will be holding lessons and workshops to learn how to play and strategies! Stay tuned!

  • For casual weekly meetings, you can attend as much or as little as you want! Feel free to pop in and out whenever. For tournaments and sponsored events, you will need to stay for the full duration.

  • The best way to get noticed by the sponsors is to attend their networking events and also place well in tournaments. Each tournament, a list of top placers are sent to the sponsors as part of our sponsorship agreement. Each sponsor will also have a variety of their own/joint initiatives which you can participate in. For some events, there will be a qualifier due to high demand. We will announce these as they approach!

  • We primarily use Discord, Instagram, and TartanConnect. All major announcements will go up on TC and Instagram, and everyday activities will be here!

  • Our events are open to everyone, but only CMU students are eligible for certain club-funded prizes. This includes any guarantees and all freeroll tournaments. You are still welcome to attend, knowing that you may potentially receive a reduced prize.

  • Merch is now available in the store!